Restaurante Oveja Negra Vegana

Vegan Queer Cafe & Bar
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The revolution starts in the kitchen

Feeding the resistance

The work cooperative La Oveja Negra Vegana is made up of a team of people who are aware of social justice. In our walls, in the collaborations we do and our food, we breath the air of social revolution.

We are a safe space created for all people who have been marginalized and oppressed. We strive not only to offer healthy and suitable menus, but we also work hard to permeate the environment with our philosophy based on mutual support, solidarity and respect.

About us

Conscious food, fair flavors

We have a menu full of sustainable products with which we want to offer you delicious moments, full of respect and animal empathy. Your choices are a revolutionary act and we want to make it really easy for you. For this reason, in La Oveja Negra Vegana you will find ideal dishes for lunch, dinner and cakes and appetizers that will accompany your afternoon.

Our menu
The stoves are ready and we have a place for you!

We strive to offer healthy meals made by our team. Ask us about the menu of the day, our homemade recommendations and any gluten-free options.

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